TdhCad, Vector Graphics Simplified

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TdhCad_linux for Linux
TdhCad_win for MS Windows
Downloads Last Updated Sep 14, 2016 
for vector based spatial analysis, see TdhGIS
for shortest path analysis, see TdhGISnet
for mobile device location, see TdhTrails and TdhZones

  • Display Grids with identifiable and relocatable Cells.
  • Click and drag to 
    • create entities of many shapes
    • Move, rotate and resize entities
    • Move points to reshape entities
  • Create groups containing entities and other groups
  • Create paths containing lines and curves
  • Copy and paste entire entities or points between entities
  • Change properties including color, width and dashes
  • Apply color gradients to entities and groups
  • Add a note to any entity
  • Use any number of layers
  • Merge drawings
  • Export drawings to SVG, PNG or PDF files
  • Save drawings within project databases
  • Use calibrated raster images as background for drawings
  • More, including Snap, Virtual Points, Arrows and FlipY....

About the author; Tim Hirrel ( 
If you like TdhCad, please let me know. If you want changes, please let me know that, too. Writing software means never having to say you're finished.