TdhCad, Vector Graphics Simplified

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TdhCad_linux for Linux
TdhCad_win for MS Windows
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  • Display Grids with identifiable and relocatable Cells.
  • Click and drag to 
    • create entities of many shapes
    • Move, rotate and resize entities
    • Move points to reshape entities
  • Create groups containing entities and other groups
  • Create paths containing lines and curves
  • Copy and paste entire entities or points between entities
  • Change properties including color, width and dashes
  • Apply color gradients to entities and groups
  • Add a note to any entity
  • Use any number of layers
  • Merge drawings
  • Export drawings to SVG, PNG or PDF files
  • Save drawings within project databases
  • Use calibrated raster images as background for drawings
  • More, including Snap, Virtual Points, Arrows and FlipY....

About the author; Tim Hirrel ( 
If you like TdhCad, please let me know. If you want changes, please let me know that, too. Writing software means never having to say you're finished. 

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